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Pagasus Townships is the home of rich. Where the luxury with the combination of modern technology meets up with Gen Z. Pagasus Townships has set the benchmark where, “THE QUALITY REMAINS LONG AFTER THE PRICE IS FORGOTTEN”.
We want our customers to stay under the right guidance for which we have an expertise, who will guide you and suggest you to choose best luxurious space for you.

Amenities at Pagasus Townships that makes it homes for rich:

Reliability and dependability
People while looking for a residing place, the prior factor that stuck is dependability and security. Pagasus Townships, is very keen about their resident’s security and considering this factor, we not only focus on lavish resources but also provide you with the provisions of hi-tech security 24×7. We have CCTV surveillance all around your house. We also provide you with the mobile app, which will never allow anyone to enter your home without your revert back to the message.

All weather swimming area
Isn’t it so pleasurable that provision of pool can be utilized in all season types? This facility brings you one step closer to the feel of luxurious lifestyle. This pool will always serene your mind and will give you peace. Even it also serve as a cardio, the fact which will be loved by the fitness lovers. Moreover, it has a spacious seating zone, where ultimate parties, events, family get-togethers can be organized.

Some refreshing moments
After returning from such a chaotic schedule, person’s mind need composure and this can be possible only if he gets peaceful aura. Pagasus Townships – is very particular about your mental stability, for which we have covered 50% of our land with green space. So that, you can have some delightful moments and let yourself surrender to that beautiful environment. We have built number of gardens and pedestrian area in every lane where you can run, jog or walk.

Fitness conscious
If you are a fitness freak person or very conscious about your health. Then, Pagasus Townships is the best place to live in, as it consists of gymnasium that contains all amenities from dumbbells to treadmill and hi-tech machineries. To guide you the best way towards being fit, we also have certified gym trainers as well as yoga trainers.

Therefore, all these hi-tech advancement in technology and modern feel in designing makes our Luxury Villas the place for esteemed people. If you are looking for luxury with high quality services in all aspects. Then what you waiting for? Come and visit our residential luxury villas and give us the opportunity to make your dreams to reality.

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